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The Kyber Knights

An early stage venture capital firm investing in the future of commerce, AI, labor, and the built environment.

Sunny Dhillon

Founder and Managing Partner

Sunny invests across both consumer and enterprise tech, with a particular interest in content infrastructure, ecommerce, and retail tech. He has been an early stage investor for the past 10 years, having led investments in Cruise (acq. by General Motors), Phoenix Labs (acq. by SEA Garena), Manscaped ($1bn+ unicorn), and Tenor (acq. by Google).  He was also responsible for incubating Skale Networks ($SKL).

Sunny has published over 100 entrepreneurship and fundraising related opinion articles across all major tech and business press outlets and has regularly been featured on Bloomberg Business television as an early stage investor.  He has been voted a ‘Rising Star in Venture Capital’ by The Wall Street Journal and as one of LinkedIn’s ‘Top Voices in Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship’ for several consecutive years.

Prior to Kyber Knight Capital, Sunny co-founded one of the App Store’s first mobile apps (named Barstool) and was the first employee at a venture-backed spin off of Warner Bros-owned New Line Cinema, working directly for the Lord of the Rings producers on new PC and mobile gaming products.  He was previously an associate for JB Pritzker’s family office, worked in corporate strategy for Warner Bros in Los Angeles, and was a tech investment banker at Rothschild in London.

Sunny was born and raised in England and obtained his BA in Economics & Management from Oxford University and a MSc in International Relations & History from the London School of Economics (LSE), where he graduated with distinction.  He then went on to obtain his MBA, majoring in marketing, from the Kellogg School of Management.

Linus Liang

Founder and Managing Partner

Linus is the Founder and Managing Partner of Kyber Knight Capital. He brings over twenty-five years of experience in venture capital and entrepreneurship to his leadership role. Before starting Kyber Knight Capital, Linus spent a decade at Signia Ventures, where he continues as a Partner. His entrepreneurial pursuits include co-founding Embrace, the company behind the world’s most affordable infant incubator. To date, Embrace has impacted the lives of over 500,000 infants worldwide in over a dozen countries.

Before Embrace, Linus founded several software companies focusing on mobile technology and social networking. He is well known for joining Zynga’s founding team, following the acquisition of his start-up, where he served as the tenth employee.

Linus’s career also encompasses roles at major corporations, including Program Manager at Microsoft, database researcher at IBM, and a member of the investment team at Andreessen Horowitz.

Linus is a holder of a B.A. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley, as well as an M.S. in Computer Science, an M.A. in Education, and an MBA from Stanford University. He is a co-instructor for Stanford’s Frontier Technologies course and has previously taught a Big Data class at Stanford’s Business School.

Ary Vaidya


Ary is an Associate at Kyber Knight Capital. He helps lead the AI and commerce focuses at the fund. Over the past years, Ary has actively advised and invested in multiple start-ups across AI, consumer and fintech. 

Prior to joining KKC, Ary worked on the Special Projects team for the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, an Investment Bank in New York. At Cantor, he worked on the company’s digital asset strategy, focusing on integrating emerging technologies across the firm.

Ary grew up in London and graduated with Honors from Stanford University, obtaining a BS in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence. During college, Ary also spent time studying Philosophy at Oxford University.

Sal Spina


Sal is an Associate at Kyber Knight Capital. Prior to KKC, Sal worked on the investment team at OCA Ventures, a Chicago based venture capital firm focusing on early stage B2B SaaS companies. He also was a member of the technical teams at Alembic Technologies, as a predictive analytics researcher, and Verkada, as a software engineer.

Sal grew up in Southern California and graduated from Stanford University, obtaining a BA in Economics and a MS in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence.